Top Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travel to Africa

World Wonders. The first step to a safe vacation in Africa is to research your chosen destination carefully. Because of this, couples can hold hands in public -- this is what friends do in Egypt -- but any further display of affection is not recommended. Was this page helpful?

British travelers should click on the "Travel" link at www. Although homosexuality is officially frowned upon by local laws and by some local religious leaders, an old Fiji custom makes this a relatively friendly destination for gay men with one proviso: Stay away from gay prostitutes. Calls from mobiles may be higher.

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Republic of the Congo. It has dozens of links to hotels, cities, countries, travel agents and tour operators around the world. Volunteers Abroad. However, as with most violent crime in South Africa, the likelihood of this is often overstated.

Top Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travel to Africa
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