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To understand how Roosevelt, Leach, and Kenyon all came to see the abolition of dower as a part of an emerging women's rights legislative agenda requires a foray into the history of the nineteenth-century woman's rights movement and its now-forgotten assault on dower and the common law of inheritance.

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In this Part, I analyze the process of dower reform in New York as a multiparty conversation about the legal, social, and political meaning of marriage and the family. As one scholar has observed, perfectly capturing the moral of the standard tale of dower, "Dower was abolished because it was a clog on transactions and was replaced largely by rights against the deceased husband's will.

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Fortunately, my ability to do just so has served me well, and might be part of the charm that I attempt to bring to those around me. Dower, after all, constituted a floor, not a ceiling. As members of the press and photographers crowded around him, Roosevelt suspended a hearing in progress on another legislative matter to affix ceremoniously his signature to this so-called "new charter.

Or why woman as a student, a wife, a mother, a widow, and a citizen, should be held at such a disadvantage? A man constituted his imagined "designing spouse," scheming to "induce[]" a woman, his prospective wife, to compromise her legal rights.

Working within this conventional idiom, women reformers argued that dower offended the fundamental social and legal tenets that the family existed as a sacred, private space shielded from the invasive reach of the state.

Miramar Beach Gay Personals

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