Lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a

In contrast to children reared by two LGB parents, older children and adults who experience a parent coming out have to adjust to a change in the sexual orientation of that parent. External link. Key words, phrases and excerpts were assigned names codes based on what they represented and grouping of similar codes were collapsed into concepts and renamed.

An important contribution of the current work is the finding that the process of parental separation and a parent coming out as LGB has different trajectories. Parental disclosure Although participants reported feeling varying levels of upset and shock at the disclosure, those whose parents had already separated reported more nonchalant reactions.

Following the disclosure, adult offspring wondered about the sexual orientation of others, and of potential partners. Although participants reported some initial discomfort in seeing their parents both heterosexual and LGB with new partners, they wanted their parents to have appropriate parental partnerships or friendships so they would not feel sad or lonely.

Families who see themselves welcomed in a school brochure, for example, or mentioned in a kindergarten class on family diversity, will be far more likely to openly disclose to their communities. Here's what he says in Slateof all places, which I usually respect: … [M]y colleagues and I randomly screened over 15, Americans aged and asked them if their biological mother or father ever had a romantic relationship with a member of the same sex.

Joshua tells me that the only time this causes trouble for him is when he's filling out a form that wants to know how many siblings he has. We must accept the premise that it is quality of care, and not family constellation, which determines what is optimal for children's healthy development.

Take our short quiz to see if you qualify. Snow agreed and makes the same parenting recommendations as with two straight parents.

Было мной. lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a

We adhered to the advice of Corbin and Strauss [ 27 ] in allowing the researcher to play a role in analysis and avoided focusing too methodically on analytical procedures to the detriment of the theoretical possibilities contained within the data.

Time seemed to allow participants and the significant persons in their lives to become increasing comfortable with altered family reconfigurations. Amato P.

Consequently we do not have ethical approval to lodge the transcripts to a public repository, as the participants did not consent to this. Over time participants began confronting and questioning the appropriateness of being positioned as an intimate confident by their parent s , as Betty explained, Dad started talking more openly to me about different things, like his relationship with another man.

No participant wanted their parent to be treated or judged differently due to their orientation. Seeing a parent form new relationships was more of an adjustment for participants who were near or in adulthood, after a lifetime of seeing their parents as a couple.

Lesbian or gay parent might have experienced divorce in a

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