The purpose of encouraging gay men to obtain an additional

Referrals and linkages can be obtained by getting Frankie's written consent if the facility is communicating with another organization about services for its clients. The increasing size and diversity of the Asian and Pacific Islander population make it difficult to discuss group norms regarding substance abuse.

Training Staff members must have the proper training to screen, assess, and counsel clients. Counselors should caution clients about the impact of such disclosure and consider discouraging them from making it. Less experienced staff can observe supervisors or more tenured staff who demonstrate desired qualities.

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  • Box Houston, TX Phone: The Michael A.
  • The deadline is July
  • Walk to the edge. Drag queens and kings --usually gay men and lesbian women who "do drag" and dress up in, respectively, women's and men's clothing.
  • Often, Asians and Pacific Islanders believe the model minority myth and feel isolated when they test positive or report substance abuse disorders.
the purpose of encouraging gay men to obtain an additional

Bobby Griffith Memorial Scholarship Contra Costa County, California This award provides financial assistance to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth who contribute to the community by improving the environment for GLBT youth. Applications may be submitted to Stonewall Community Foundation via e-mail, postal mail, or fax.

The deadline is early April for the following academic year. More About. University of Southern California The Lambda Alumni Association of USC offers gay, lesbian and bisexual scholarships to recognize outstanding and accomplished students in the community.

The purpose of encouraging gay men to obtain an additional
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