The arguments against allowing openly gay servicemen and women in

The pervading argument during the 20th century focused more on military effectiveness. They are distracting, nasty, and, well, gay! For instance, the Israeli Defense Force does not ask the sexual orientation of its soldiers, however half of the homosexual soldiers who serve in the IDF suffer from violence and homophobia.

Indeed, war fighting is all about risk assessment and management. Evidence suggests that for LGB service members in the United States, the conditions of service and daily life have improved dramatically following the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

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  • Other prominent cases included Copy Berg , Stephen Donaldson. Retrieved February 19,
  • The problem was not confined to intelligence agencies, but was felt in the armed forces too.
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Under such a system, a serviceman or woman found to be gay but who had not committed any sexual acts while in service would tend to receive an undesirable discharge. July 12, January 29, Fitness to serve should be based on an individual's conduct, not their sexual orientation.

He also argued against any change in the policy, writing in the New York Times : "Conduct that is widely rejected by a majority of Americans can undermine the trust that is essential to creating and maintaining the sense of unity that is critical to the success of a military organization operating under the very different and difficult demands of combat.

The military says it's working and they don't want to change it

The arguments against allowing openly gay servicemen and women in
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