Note: I am not against gays or gay marriage. I just think that from the biology point of view homosexuality seems to be a disability. I think it’s nearsighted. ;) Let’s define “disability”: A.. ">

I too am gay and have a disability

We had been enjoying drinks when the topic of my disability came up. Volunteer somewhere, get a part-time job, just get out of the house. I also think that the attitude around disability and difference in our community plays a huge role in how I have been hindered. Like, how does one respond to that?

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Walter outlined the situation 25 years ago as characterized by a conglomerate of taboos, such as "sexuality, disability resulting in stigma, living in institutions, no influence on one's living conditions, experience of structural and personal violence, etc.

The distant or reserved attitude that some of the employees display reflects their obvious difficulty in even using the word "homosexuality. Pat Israel puts her faith in young gay disabled people to help change things for the better.

I too am gay and have a disability
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