He had a drink outside a gay bar around the

Financial touchdown. You said you had been to gay bars before so maybe you knew what you were doing. Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best.

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  • To find out more, read about our highlights of the Flower Festival in Medellin.
  • Nowhere is this more evident than during Medellin's gay Pride festival where the entire community takes part to celebrate and support gay rights in a truly Latin fiesta style! The rooms are so gorgeously decorated, with colourful details throughout.
he had a drink outside a gay bar around the

If you have time, we strongly recommend taking a day trip to one of the small towns outside of Medellin in the Antioquia region. Lit in a royal purple hue, this place comes across as a little bit shady when you first walk in.

People are often quick to complain about the queer community, talk about how it's shallow and broken and damaged.

He had a drink outside a gay bar around the
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