German health ministers announced that the ban on gay and

Retrieved 30 January This accounted to over 87, people in the city. In February , openly gay German Health Minister Jens Spahn stated that he wants gay conversion therapy for both minors and adults to be made illegal, calling it "a form of assault".

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  • Although homosexuality is no longer classified as an illness in Germany, some therapists still try to "cure" gays and lesbians. Updated November 05,
  • In May , the island state became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. The Guardian.
  • The practice would no longer be legal, however, if the person ended up consenting to the therapy after being deceived, coerced or threatened.
  • News Germany: Gay conversion 'therapy' ban presented "Homosexuality is not a disease and does not require treatment," said Health Minister Jens Spahn. Wolf packs on the increase in Germany 4h ago.
  • First posted November 05,
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German health ministers announced that the ban on gay and

The practice is condemned by human rights groups, yet continues to take place across Germany, Europe and further afield. Likewise, the Ministry of Health invited politicians, scientists and those affected, as well as institutions from abroad, who have already gained experience with legal prohibitions, to participate in the exchange.

The law gave same-sex partners many of the rights of their heterosexual counterparts. The bill proposed by Jens Spahn, who is openly gay, would punish those carrying out conversion therapy on unders, or coercing, deceiving or threatening anyone older into such treatment, punishable by up to a year in prison.

German health ministers announced that the ban on gay and
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