Ruling: Rather Gay

Not that head, an actual head. Judge Lawson's decision notes that Johnson has "non-malignant uterine fibroid tumors that may require surgery, fibrous breast tissue that requires yearly monitoring, and a family history of aneurysm that requires that she have regular scans. Craig, 37, and Mullins, 33, were fighting for the rights of LGBT customers to choose what they will buy.

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  • March 31, Lawyers for the gay and transgender plaintiffs say it does.
  • Royal, Denis.
  • Focus Taiwan News Channel. May I ask you to respond to what some people will say about this court if we rule in your favor?
  • Without the availability of such, no substantiated answers can be found to questions concerning the extent to which a petitioner is persecuted, the different levels of persecution from one place to another within the same country, the particularities of the particular social group in question, or whether the non-enforcement of anti-homosexuality laws can legitimately be regarded as meaning that no persecution takes place. And yet, progressive developments on issues around queer rights are on the rise.
  • Retrieved 23 June Persons fleeing from persecution in societies causing them to conceal their identity for the sake of physical or social survival may exhibit a degree of shame, trauma and distress that impedes them from offering entirely coherent narratives.
Ruling: Rather Gay

Retrieved November 2, Some of the strongest evidence of a genetic link comes from studies in identical twins. Experts debate: Are we playing with fire when we edit human genes?

Ruling: Rather Gay
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