One can ask oneself how come that the Gay

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But it doesn't always work that way. It's not who you are - gay or straight, male or female, black or white - but what you do that puts you at risk for HIV infection. If you're questioning your sexual identify, seek out people you know will be supportive. Just be yourself.

Civic Loading You might come out now to your family and later to friends, or the other way around.

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None of us are perfect. If your family and friends don't support you, remember this quote, "I can choose my friends, I can choose my family, and if they don't accept me they'll have me. Moral Values We experience such values as commanding our respect and submission — or the opposite, as pushed on us against our wills by other people and institutions including families, peer groups, religions, and authorities of various kinds.

Early gay rights activists compared sexuality to religion - a crucial part of our life that we should be free to practise however we like Credit: Ignacio Lehamann. Did you find this post helpful?

One can ask oneself how come that the Gay
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