India has its fair share of gay events taking place

What a cheerful fun blog! Rhubarb is a festival where artists explore new possibilities in theatre, dance, music, and performance art. In her decade-long career, Neha Dixit has learned how to hide herself well. It is taught, for example, that participating in homophobia-laced water cooler conversations or circulating gay jokes on email is tantamount to harassment and will not be tolerated.

It is instead about their identity and the extent to which they will be included if they are open about themselves in the same way heterosexuals are," says Mark Kaplan, president of MGK Consulting LLC, a US-based development and training firm that has offered consultancy services regarding LGBT equality to several American multinationals with operations in India.

In November, Google organised "The 6th Sense" in its offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore--a week-long event to celebrate its heterogeneous work force that includes employees of different race, colour, religion and gender identity. No, replied Danish, unperturbed by the unseemly comparison.

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From chemical castration to lynching, Parliament debates steps to curb rapes. I want to have it acknowledged. Explore context. Sixty-seven percent of them have gone further, and have voluntarily extended health and insurance benefits to all LGBT families.

Surrogacy bill: It prohibits commercial surrogacy and allows ethical surrogacy to needy infertile couples. What we cover in this guide.

India has its fair share of gay events taking place
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