I thank God for creating gay men

After contracting malaria and a respite in New Zealand he returned to the states, became an MP and met my mom at Camp Lejeune, who was also in the Marines. In my day, back in the Dark Ages, as we grew into teens and young men and women, you actually appreciated my femininity and rewarded me with attention and admiration.

And there will be no motivation to make things better. Four years ago, I wrote my coming out story and Rick published it - Murray's coming out story.

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I thank God for creating gay men

Jesus did not welcome the counsel of those that twisted or disregarded Scripture, whether the Pharisees in the temple of Jerusalem or Jezebel in the church of Thyatira Revelation 2. The partner in a same-sex relationship is truly "other"—not through the complementarity of a man and woman, of course, but in the mutuality of two persons who in freedom choose each other and delight in being chosen.

Thank you for opening this crack to let the light shine a little brighter. The lynching of Blacks has almost passed, but not the lynching of gays and lesbians. Thank you, Chester, for your letter providing your story.

I thank God for creating gay men
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