Hotels are also actively targeting gay travellers

As I said in my reply 1 back in January you will not have any problems at all. For actual travel information, see Gay and lesbian travel. Views Read Edit View history.

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  • Make sure your staff is adequately trained and educated regarding diversity matters, ensuring the high quality of service to all of your guests. It is available internationally through iPad and Nook.
  • Travel Rolling Out the Rainbow Carpet.
  • As a Trans Gender woman, she is aware of the situation and you do not have to emphasize the fact.
  • Observers credit the major hotel companies such as Marriott, Hilton and Kimpton for their sustained efforts, not just to market to the community, but to participate in it. Travel Rolling Out the Rainbow Carpet.
  • Plenty of hotels are piling on incentives this month to attract L.
  • This will just put your customers into an awkward and uncomfortable position.
  • However, we feel that sectioning off gay information is somewhat discriminatory -- almost as if we're saying, "Gay people go here , and the rest of us will go to all the other places on this page, where you're not welcome.
  • Finally, there are any number of different kinds of travellers who may have special needs -- senior travellers, travellers with children, disabled travellers, etc.
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Tanzella raises an interesting point: It seems unfair to ask LGBT travelers to choose their next holiday destination based primarily on the equality record of the government in question. Goicolea, including the fact that is it oriented toward the Statue of Liberty in a salute to equal justice.

Windy City Times. The most up-to-date Hotelier Knowledge Source. Pro tip: For hotels, ensure that all staff are fully trained and policies are in place to make sure that no LGBT member feels unwelcome. Planet Out.

Hotels are also actively targeting gay travellers
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