Gay marriage over 10 years ago

No guests were invited. The government has no business denying marriage equality on the basis of sexual orientation. Their second ceremony was a little different. Lewin later Baehr v.

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  • The couple changed their surnames to Goodridge when she was born.
  • May 17, PM ET. Do the majority of Canadians of Portuguese descent know that red and green rag was the symbol of tyranny and fascism to so many Africans just a few decades ago?
gay marriage over 10 years ago

Marriage-equivalent ordered for Cayman Islands. Wikinews has related news: Canadian House of Commons approves same-sex marriage. If the case is permitted to go to trial, San Francisco officials said in their brief, the city will present evidence that 'relegating same-sex relationships to inferior, second-class status severely stigmatizes gay men, lesbians and their families.

Gay marriage over 10 years ago
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