Gay family with child

Gay, lesbian, and heterosexual adoptive parents: Couple and relationship issues. Great kids need great parents. Your children will probably have different concerns and questions depending on their age, personality, and your family's decisions. Social attitudes.

My work with that of the ex- gay ministry and

  • Teach your children. The Etch-A-Sketch is a drawing tool with two dials that allow one person to draw vertically and the other to draw horizontally.
  • Although studies of gay fathers and their children have been conducted Patterson, , less is known about children of gay fathers than about children of lesbian mothers. Text Size.
Gay family with child

Visit Source Website Bos, H. American Academy of Nursing. Skinner Benjamin Spock. These issues have important implications for managing clinical work with children of lesbian mothers or gay fathers. Opponents of lesbian and gay parental rights claim that children with lesbigay parents are at higher risk for a variety of negative outcomes.

A number of psychological theories, such as psychoanalytic theory, social and cognitive learning theory and attachment theory are discussed with regard to the two most salient features of lesbian families; the absence of a father and the homosexual orientation of the mother.

Gay family with child
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