Gay and bisexual adolescents must address issues

Very little research has been conducted on the relationship between teen pregnancy and sexual orientation, although there is some indication that lesbian and bisexual adolescents may have at least the same and possibly an increased likelihood of pregnancy compared with heterosexual adolescents.

Sixty-six percent of high school health teachers identified mass media as the most commonly used source of information regarding homosexuality. Compared with other students, sexual-minority youth may be more likely to report feeling unsafe at school, being offered weaker support by school staff, and receiving lower grades.

Love initiative from the Center for the Study of Social Policy promotes the healthy development of all children and youth, with a focus on sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. Whether LGB or straight, adolescents often are uncomfortable with initiating discussions about sex including sexual orientation with their providers; thus, it is incumbent on those who provide health services to youth to initiate such discussions.

Nathan J. Although some literature addresses the process of gender identity development among transgender youth, little of this literature is supported by empirical evidence or longitudinal data.

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Sexual orientation disparities in weight status in adolescence: Findings from a prospective study. Parents need to clearly understand that sexual orientation is not a mental disorder. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. Just the facts about sexual orientation and youth: A primer for principals, educators, and school personnel.

Several of these processes have been described in past published literature which we will describe in this section.

Gay and bisexual adolescents must address issues
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