Do only gay guys wear yfronts

Join other satisfied members who are already enjoying BriefsBook. Just because you wear a certain type of clothing doesn't make you gay. I become my 95 year old uncle in his baggy tighty whiteys standing there talking to a doctor about his hernia.

Show us your Pants 1.

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Since the rise of slimmer silhouettes in menswear over the past decade or so, this has become to go-to style for most guys. Submit comment. Cristiano Ronaldo favours a ridiculously tight pair — he even designs them for his CR7 fashion house.

I stood in front of my mirror whilst I pleasured myself. BriefsLad Is it all just a load of old pants? What's happening is that many men have migrated to a middle ground where the cues traditionally used to pigeonhole sexual orientation -- hair, clothing, voice, body language -- are more and more ambiguous.

Do only gay guys wear yfronts
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