Discreet gays go here for a swim

Delta Swimming Complex, Redhill, Singapore. Crowd: Expats and Local sexy men. Over 5, square feet, all housed in a single storey. Causeway Point, Singapore. No security at entrance. Doctor Latino gay.

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Phnom Pehn's gay men-only boutique hotel, spa, pool and restaurant Drinks and snacks available. The coastal area around the Ortakoy Mosque is very busy and there's a vibrant night life in summer time, especially busy during the day on Sundays.

There you'll see a crosswalk on your right, also a fish restaurant on your left which is the building sort of brown colored, 7 or 8 story building where the sauna is located. Great cruising and especially look for young guys in cars, some rent boys but great fun.

Crowded in the late afternoon and weekend nights.

Discreet gays go here for a swim
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