Concerning children of gay and lesbian parents

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Submitted by Anonymous on March 1, - pm. Children, Stigma, and Polyamorous Families. But I haven't yet. Suddenly, these parents are involuntarily drafted into a club whose members are disparaged.

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  • Cheung F, Lucas RE. The authors said that scholars had achieved a rare degree of consensus that unmarried lesbian parents are raising children who develop at least as well as their counterparts with married heterosexual parents.
  • Our Sponsors Log in Register. In this longitudinal study, marital discord was found to impact the parent-child relationships; thus, resulting in lower levels of well-being.
  • At the time of data collection and analysis, she was a doctoral student at a private religiously affiliated university.
  • There are currently more than , kids in foster care in the U.
  • This may be a good time to talk more about your sexual orientation and life choices.
  • Some participants reported that they did not agree with the views of their religions regarding sexuality, and some also objected to the unequal treatment of women.

Naturalistic inquiry. Fem Psychol. A lot of the religion is, in my opinion, twisted to suit the way they want things While children with gay and lesbian parents are susceptible to homonegativity in society, there has been no empirical evidence to suggest these painful messages adversely influence their adjustment.

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Concerning children of gay and lesbian parents
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