Because gay still is considered different

Gender Vocabulary (Talking about the LGBT community) – Free Spoken English Lesson

Not sure though - just my thoughts! Sure, it could have been a poor decision on behalf of the show runners but I consider Willow a lesbian because she calls herself a lesbian "Hello! Honestly, I've known women who ID as lesbians who had similar experiences, and rather than being "bi erasure" I think it's a realistic and valid expression of sexuality and trying to force a label that doesn't mesh with how she moves forward with her romantic life would actually be more problematic!

It did begin with a gay man patient zero was a male flight attendant and was then spread to other gay men through promiscuous sexual practices, usually in the bath houses. Yeah, season one's already finished, season 2 starts in

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because gay still is considered different

However, the findings of Ford and Beach demonstrate that homosexual behavior occurs in many societies and is not always condemned see also Herdt, ; Williams, An example of victimisation would be where a lesbian tenant had previously made a claim of discrimination against the manager of the property management company.

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Because gay still is considered different
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